Five Popular Types Of Flower Arrangements – Find Your Favourite Style!

Five Popular Types Of Flower Arrangements – Find Your Favourite Style!

Arranging flowers in a particular design is the art of using fresh blooms, foliage and other plant material to create an innovative floral sculpture. The local florist in Camberwell will arrange flowers in a variety of patterns to make the maximum visual impact. Take a quick look on the various types of flower arrangements below:

Fan-Shaped Flower Arrangement:

This is the most popular flower arrangement style opted by several florists around the world. In this style, the flowers and leaves are arranged in such a way that they look like a fan. The florist in Glen Iris uses the same or different types of flowers to create this style of arrangements.

Elliptical-Shaped Flower Arrangement:

This is an oval-shaped flower arrangement that comprises of tallest and brightest blooms in the centre. The foliage and flowers are cut, trimmed and arranged in the form of oval shape, and is placed in a basket. Due to their elegant nature, they are mostly used in interior decoration for special occasions.

Vertical Flower Arrangement:

To create this type of arrangement, the florists use different types of flowers with varying colours and shapes. This kind of flower arrangement is widely used in flower baskets and bouquets. They are often used for welcoming chief guests during special occasions.

Horizontal Flower Arrangement:

In this type of flower arrangements, a single big flower is placed in the centre with drooping branches on either side. The florist uses flowers with strong fragrance in different colours and shapes to create this style of flower arrangement.

Triangular Flower Arrangement:

As the name suggests, this flower arrangement takes the triangular shape. The entire flower bunch is trimmed to achieve this shape. Flowers with longer stems are placed in the middle, and those with shorter stems are arranged on the sides to achieve this triangular shape.

No matter what type of flower arrangement you are looking for, Victoria’s Flower Garden & Café can deliver the floral bouquet in your preferred shape and style. To get personalised flower arrangement, call (03) 9813 2557 and talk to our florist near me in Camberwell today.