About Us

Welcome to our store. The first thing you will notice when you walk in the door is Vicki’s gracious smile and the abundance of finest quality blooms from the very best local flower farms in Victoria and Australia wide. Vicki’s passion for flowers started when she was a little girl growing up on her uncle’s flower farm. On the farm she helped selling flowers on the weekend at the local markets, which inspired her to pursue a long career as a flower grower and florist. Since then she has gathered over 40 years experience in floristry .

At Victoria's flower garden & cafe our professional stylists are on hand to help create the most innovative work imaginable. Since the very day of our inception and every day thereafter, we have been striving to bring the highest quality flowers to our customers’ homes and magnificent events. Our team of floral artisans has a vast knowledge and ability to make your vision a reality. We work tirelessly with an unrestrained attention to detail to come up with an artistic design that reflects your personal style. Whether it is about creating beautiful bridal bouquets, awe-inspiring backdrops for weddings or a stunning table centrepiece, we will create them with discretion, passion and finesse and deliver with a personal touch. To know more about us, give us a call on (03) 9813 2557.